Automated dark stores

Caches are tiny autonomous stores connected to all your favorite delivery platforms. Sell your products anywhere, anytime.
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How it works

When your customer makes a purchase, the platform’s delivery partner picks them up from our machines and delivers it to your customer on demand.
Customers order on DoorDash, UberEats or your website.
Delivery drivers pick up the order from the Cache machines
Orders are delivered to the customer's doorstep

What can it sell?

Cache's can sell basically anything. Here are some examples:
OTC Medicine
People have medical emergencies 24/7. We sell Condoms, tampons, plan b, makeup, shaving around the clock.
Late night desserts
Got the munchies? Get ice-cream or chocolate or potato chips. Anytime.
Local Favorites
Get items you can't find at Walmart. Local artisonal favorites.

Why cache?

Traditional stores are incredibly expensive. They are designed for walk-ins, use prime real-estate, and need humans 24/7 to staff. With cache you can:
Operate 24 hours / 7 days
Customers can order 24/7 and Couriers fulfill orders directly from the Cache Unit to the home
Deliver on demand
Consumers love 20 minute on-demand delivery. Deliver your products when customers want them.
Access millennial customers
Target young and high disposable income customers on the nation’s favourite delivery apps.
Scale your brand
Test multiple locations for where your brand might do well.
Faster service and delivery
Minimal picking and packing time. No need to wonder through a huge store to find the items.
Lower capital expense
With a 1 hour install time. Cache is 100x cheaper and have a 100x lower operating expense.

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